The Boss Board – Complete 22″ Vintage Skateboard (Superman (Blue Deck / Red Wheels))


  • The ultimate compact street board, complete and ready-to-go out of the box.
  • Great combination of exercise and fun, totally portable, and ideal for any skill level.
  • Awesome vintage color combinations – Dragon (Red / Yellow), Superman (Blue/Red), Bunny (White/Pink), Revolution (Black/Red), and Stealth (White/Black).
  • Topline construction, with a high density plastic deck, 59mm super smooth wheels, ABEC7 bearings, and solid aluminum trucks.
  • 22″ long and 6″ wide; 4 pounds. Full lifetime warranty.

The Boss Board is the ultimate compact street skateboard, ideal for boarders who want a complete, rugged, blast-to-ride, ready-to-go board right out of the box.

With roots in the 1970s Southern California skating revolution, the Boss Board is crafted with top quality materials that hold up, and is backed by a full manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on all parts, pieces, and materials. You can buy and ride the Boss with full confidence – we’ve got your back.

The high density criss-cross plastic deck provides a solid base and sticky grip. The 59mm 78A Urethane wheels give solid control and long life, while the silky ABEC 7 wheel bearings give a smooth ride with minimal effort, and the solid aluminum trucks provide control and support.

The board is 22″ long, 6″ wide, and weighs just 4 pounds, so you can throw it in a backpack and take it with you anywhere. And the weight limit of 200 pounds ensures that even bigger riders can join the fun.

Available in five color combinations:

Dragon (Red Deck with Yellow Wheels)

Superman (Blue Deck with Red Wheels)

Bunny (White Deck with Pink Wheels)

Revolution (Black Deck with Red Wheels)

Stealth (White Deck with Black Wheels)

Unique, solid, portable, and an absolute blast to ride, the Boss Board will give thrills to riders of all ages and skill levels.