LYNEC Camping Lantern Collapsible LED Lantern Flashlight for Hiking, Camping, Emergencies, Hurricanes


  • Lightest and most portable collapsible Led lantern: 1.85 inch when collapsed and 3.39 inch diameter, easily put into your pocket and your backpack¡£ Can be used as flashlight and camping lantern.
  • There are 3 modes for this LED lantern: strong, weak and strobe. You can get 42 lumen strong light for up to 20 hours in average, 13 lumen weak light for up to 52 hours, 70 hours in strobe.
  • Features durable ABS material and water resistant, making it ideal for use in rugged conditions like rainy weather.
  • Built-in folding hook and magnetic is easy to be hanged and carried, set it on the ground, in your tent, affix to any metal surface or hang it from a tree.
  • The flashlight has two dimming functions; Zoom in (narrower focus) and Zoom out (wider angle). It is very easy to adjust the brightness level.

LYNEC Multifunction Camping Lantern is collapsible and portable, offering you convenience when you are outdoors. You can keep this lantern in your backpack or bag for hiking, outings, or to keep in the house or car for emergencies. There are so many uses for this lamp because it’s so compact.

Can be used as LED Lantern and flashlight
This unique lantern features a spring-loaded design that allows the user to pop it open in a flash. Nylon mesh diffuses the light to produce a glow that’s bright but not harsh. When it’s time to pack, it collapses down into a small disc that can also be used as a powerful flashlight.

Long lasting usage
Provides up to 20 hours of illumination whether you are in a house without power or exploring a cave, you will have enough to last until daylight.

Two level of lighting
Simply press the power button to choose between low and high level lighting per your need.

SOS warning function
For emergencies, press the power button two times quickly to enter flash signal mode in the off mode.

Built with IP43 rating to withstand wet conditions and occasional water splashing.

The Warranty Service:
45 Day money back
12 Month warranty